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I'll start by saying that

As a photographer I appreciate what Tom & Stefan are going for.

"No ads, no algorithms" is boldly stated everywhere, but I wonder if it's enough to bring people in.
This here is not a review on Glass Photo Community app, I've just started using the app and still investigating it, its potential and its community members works.

I just want to talk about the motive for this and compare this to Instagram

because Glass is the Anti-Instagram as the Product Hunt newsletter says out loud. Glass is the product, not you. Private and subscription based, meaning no ads, data tracking, public counts or engagement algorithms. I'm just quoting what's been said about it elsewhere.
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If there aren't any algorithms, how would I be able to discover new things?

is the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw Glass. The first answer was you just scroll.
But I DON'T WANT TO. I'm used to everything coming my way, and actively browsing and looking in a big, not to say huge, collection of photos is practically devastating. Not something I want to do and I'd rather go to the museum and get a books of my favorite photographers between two world wars, or something like that.


Glass is still very early and looking for its unique approach

Asking for feedback is crucial, especially if your product is in a niche market, like photography. I've allowed myself to dig through the Feedback Request from Glass users and found something interesting.
People care more about social features than professional features. Here's a few that were upvoted the most 👉
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You get the point, people are social. There are some professional requests there like wanting an iPad and desktop apps and EXIF information support but really just a few of them were upvoted or even suggested.

Glass is a community, so social feature are definitely more important than professional ones. However, being social means being engaged, staying intrigued and keeping members highly interested and that is a very tough task.


What about Instagram? Photo sharing apps are hard, and Instagram reached a hell lot of people because it offered more than just photos, it offered an emotional experience that drove people to create for it, and companies to build around it. We can talk about Instagram's motives and responsibilities at another time, although this does not contradict the fact that This Is the Competition to beat. This competition was created using highly efficient algorithms, data scientists and a LOT of money.

Not wanting algorithms just because they Can be dangerous is like not wanting to cross the street just because it can be dangerous. Algorithms aren't the problem, People Are. Avoiding algorithms is like walking backwards with your hands tied behind your back, your eyes closed and having headphones in full volume screaming white noise into your brain. Build better algorithms, build them with pure intentions without alien interests.

someone once said that algorithms are mostly a reflection of the people who built them, and I agree. When we built the PostPro algorithm family we had our ethics surrounding them at all times; During ideation, planning, designing, executing, testing, iterating and launching. The AI at PostPro is fair, because we are fair. I truly believe that if Tom and Stefan will build any kind of algorithm, it will be a reflection of them. Honest, ethical and not discriminating. There's nothing to fear but the hard hard work behind creating a better and more meaningful experience for their community.

Om Malik talked with the founders, check it out:


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